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    Enabling/Disabling PDF in Browser Option (Acrobat XI)


      Firstly, know that yes I understand that this setting is no longer found in and handled by Acrobat XI and that to enable or disable PDF in browser setting you enable/disable the add-on in IE (or other browser).


      In the hopes of making it more straightforward and convenient for users to toggle this setting, one option is being explored to create a custom Javascript action in Acrobat to write to the user registry to turn this on/off.


      Is this feasible? Can Acrobat JavaScript actions read and write to the user's registry? As we have a collection of users that need to regularly toggle this setting (for reasons I won't go into here), it would be ideal to have an easy and straightforward means to change this setting. One possibility might be a custom Acrobat JavaScript action.


      Thoughts, suggestions, ideas?


      Thank you