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    asfunction problem

      I'm trying to use a php script to highlight parts of a text. That script seems to be working fine (it returns text that seems to be correctly formatted). But when I insert the text into a dynamic TextField as html, the 'asfuncion' parts don't do anything (nor are they formatted correctly).

      Here's an example of the text I'm inserting into the TextField. Please let me know if you see any problems with the content itself.

      <html/>Located near the High Line in the north west corner of Chelsea, this twelve-story condominium building presents a strong form as it cantilevers 15' over it's neighbors on both sides.

      The folded metal <a/ href='asfunction:_root.Hit,Facade'>FACADE</a> follows a unique tiling <a/ href='asfunction:_root.Hit,Pattern'>PATTERN</a> using a simple notching and bending <a/ href='asfunction:_root.Hit,Fabrication'>FABRICATION</a> technique. Custom software was developed to resolve the tiling <a/ href='asfunction:_root.Hit,Pattern'>PATTERN</a> and wrap the <a/ href='asfunction:_root.Hit,Facade'>FACADE</a>. The panels are both irregular in plan and extend off the surface at varying heights ceating a subtle texture that appears to shimmer as each panel catches a different ray of light.</html>

      I'd appreciate any advice.