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    Move Submit button on Web Form?

    rsn023 Level 1

      Ok, so I finally switched over to a Web Form so I could redirect my users to a specific URL after clicking the Submit button (and the submit button was located on the lower RIGHT corner of the PDF Form).


      Now, I am not sure if the Submit button is on the Left side of the Web Form I created because of the template I used or if that is the ONLY option.  I do not want my Submit button on the left hand side of the page, it should be on the right.  How do I move the Submit button to the rightside of the web form? I tried clicking on it and then clicking on the right justified alignment button at the top of the screen, but it did nothing.  ???

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          Drewy62 Adobe Employee

          There is no option to move the location of the submit button in HTML forms at this time.



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            rsn023 Level 1

            I am getting so sick of this service, I am surprised that Adobe let something like FormsCentral be released without some BASIC features.


            First, after taking the time to create a great PDF Form, I learned that you are unable to put javascript code after the Submit button's javascript to redirect the user to a different URL.  After trying all sorts of options, I finally gave up and started to convert my PDF Form to a Web Form - cuz my PDF Form was that cool looking.


            After playing with conversion tools for several hours, I discovered that my PDF Form was not going to convert to a nice looking Web Form.  Next I went to FormsCentral and started creating a Web Form.


            At first, I was thrilled with all the great options I can use to create my Web Form until I was ready to test and deploy.  I then discovered that the Submit button on a Web Form is placed by Adobe's FormCentral, the user/designer has no say over where the Submit button should be located (you CAN do THIS on a PDF Form).  Doesn't that defeat the purpose of FormsCentral?  Users being able to CREATE their OWN Web Form?


            You should be able to at least choose the submit button and then use the text align icons to choose if you want the submit button on the left side, center or right side or your Web Form.