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    rental devices and activation limit of 6




      I am a system administrator at a library and we offer rental ipads to our customers.

      As a new service we are offering adobe drm protected ebooks and of course we want that our customers can use the ipads to download and read the ebooks in our library.


      As far as I understood the activation policy from the FAQ the activation limit per Adobe ID is 6 which lead to the following problem for us.


      For example customer Alice has already activated 3 private devices and we offer 20 ipads.

      Alice want to download and read an ebook at the library on "RENTAL IPAD1".

      Therefore she has to activate the ipad which bring her to 4 of 6 possible activations. Now Alice can download and read the ebook which is bound to her Adobe ID.

      At home she can download the ebook to her already activated ebook reader and finish reading the ebook.


      Next week Alice is back to our library and now she loan "RENTAL IPAD2" because "RENTAL IPAD1" is already in use by another customer.

      Now she has to activate this ipad too and is sitting at 5 of 6 possible activations and so on until she has reached the activation limit of 6 (RENATAL IPAD3).


      After reaching the limit (with RENTAL IPAD3 in this example) Alice can´t use RENTAL IPAD4 and she had to "waste" 3 of her 6 activations for non-private devices.


      Is there any solution for this use case?


      Kind regards