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    Question about how ExifMeta handles multivalued tags




      I have tested the ExifMeta (Great work, just what I needed!) to read face recognition data written by Picasa to RegionName, RegionType etc. fields in jpg metadata. Everything seems to work fine if there is only one name in the field but Picasa writes several values separated with commas like this:

      RegionName     John Doe, Jill Doll

      RegionType     Face, Face



      In that case, the corresponding fields remain completely empty. So is this convention of writing several values separated by commas "standard" way of doing this? Is there any way to fix this?


      Additionally, three Region category tags refuse to load giving the following error:

      "Not updating due to error getting property, id: XMPmwgrs_RegionAppliedToDimensionsUnit, from: nil, to: pixel, err-msg: Attempt to access property "XMPmwgrs_RegionAppliedToDimensionsUnit" not declared in com.robcole.lightroom.ExifMeta's Info.lua"


      This is minor problem but it would be nice to know how to handle this kind of error in the future. Do I need to declare these in the lua-code if I need them?


      Looking forward to replies,



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          In future, please direct exif-meta specific questions to the exif-meta forum, or me personally.


          But a quick answer: exif-meta doesn't (by default) parse ("interpret") text values, so commas shouldn't be handled differently than any other text.


          The best way to find out what's going on is to invoke exiftool from the command line and inspect the output.


          My hunch is there is a zero character in there representing end-of-string, which can cause problems for lua code (e.g. Lightroom).


          If you send me one of your files which includes the face data, I'll have a look.


          PS - No clue about the 3 region tags (might be worth trying it with the latest version of exiftool) - please send me a file for inspection - thanks.