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    Let users choose placement of Submit button on Web Forms!!!!!


      I am getting so sick of this service, I am surprised that Adobe let something like FormsCentral be released without some BASIC features.


      First, after taking the time to create a great PDF Form, I learned that you are unable to put javascript code after the Submit button's javascript to redirect the user to a different URL.  After trying all sorts of options, I finally gave up and started to convert my PDF Form to a Web Form - cuz my PDF Form was that cool looking.


      After playing with conversion tools for several hours, I discovered that my PDF Form was not going to convert to a nice looking Web Form.  Next I went to FormsCentral and started creating a Web Form.


      At first, I was thrilled with all the great options I can use to create my Web Form until I was ready to test and deploy.  I then discovered that the Submit button on a Web Form is placed by Adobe's FormCentral, the user/designer has no say over where the Submit button should be located (you CAN do THIS on a PDF Form).  Doesn't that defeat the purpose of FormsCentral?  Users being able to CREATE their OWN Web Form?


      You should be able to at least choose the submit button and then use the text align icons to choose if you want the submit button on the left side, center or right side or your Web Form.


      Please make this feature available ASAP, without it your Web Forms are never going to be able to match the design/UI of a users website, which will prevent designers/developers to implement or even recommend FormsCentral.




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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

          I am sorry you are not having a good experience so far.  Submit button placement is not something that users bring up as an issue or feature request so it has not made the list of new features.  I'm not sure it defeats the purpose of FormsCentral but understand that it is important to you.  We do have a "Feature Request" form where you can vote on popular existing ideas or add a new one of your own:



          I wanted to double check something about the original PDF you were creating and wanted to then create a web version of it, was that in Acrobat or FormsCentral?  You were asking about Javascript re-direct on that button which leads me to think you were creating that PDF in FormsCentral...  If your PDF was created in FormsCentral then it is already available as a web form.  If it was created in the FormsCentral "desktop" application and you were not signed in, or the form was created as a "Local" form then you would sign into FormsCentral in the Desktop application and select the form in the dashboard and  "Move Online"

          Move online.PNG



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            rsn023 Level 1

            The PDF Form, I created with Acrobat Pro XI.


            I then uploaded it to FormsCentral and added the submit button and set the options that I could.  Then downloaded the PDF Form locally, opened the PDF Form with Acrobat Pro XI and Saved a Copy of the PDF Form.  Next, I opened the newly saved copy of the PDF Form, went into the properties of the Submit button and tried to add javascript to the end of the submit button's javascript, that was placed there by FormsCentral, and then resaved the PDF Form enabling all the Acrobat Reader extended functions.


            My problem being on that post, is that I don't know Javascript, so I don't know what coding should be placed where in that javascript to redirect to another page.  I have since decided I do NOT want a PDF Form, since I cannot have the Hide/Show options like I can in the Web Form.  When I do use the FormsCentral Desktop app, I am signed in and I know to move things from local to FormsCentral.


            Thanks for the link to the feature request for Web Form.  I will fill it out.  I'm just amazed that this was not thought of when testing the software.  FormsCentral is supposed to let USERS CREATE their own Web Forms and PDF Forms, well it does NOT do that if I cannot choose where to put the Submit button on MY Web Form.  I don't want Adobe to design my Web Form, I want to design my Web Form so it matches my website's UI.

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              rsn023 Level 1

              Jey Josh:  How responsive is the Feature Request for FormsCentral?  Looks like there is a lot of options that should be implemented and Adobe is still collecting votes.  The submit button needs to change quickly.  Clients do not want forms on their pages that they cannot make match their own UI and designs.  Which means, I am going to start recommending other form providers and cancel my membership, since it does not allow me to create my own web forms.  :/

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                Josh_Corey Adobe Employee

                I can't really comment on how we manage the Feature Requests but already noted that your request is not on the popular list, I would not hold your breath for the Submit button placement option at this time.




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                  rsn023 Level 1

                  Thanks for the honest reply, Josh.


                  I will start referring all my clients elsewhere and I am taking my business elsewhere as well.  FormsCentral has potential, but not for the professional web designer.

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                    jjohnsonace Level 1

                    For whatever it is worth, I basically agree with rsn023. I will reiterate and add a few more comments:

                    1. I generally use FormsCentral with acroforms that I develop in Acrobat XI. And yes...the placement as well as the look of the Submit button is very restricted and not at all good-looking. In a separate post, I have asked if there is any way to customize it. Although I do not consider this a deal-breaker, I have to admit that it is a pretty absurd restriction. It is a significant irritant to me.
                    2. The web forms in FC are very beautiful, but you cannot do math! No math? I don't know about Adobe, but in the real business world we need our forms to do math. So web forms in FC are useless to me and I always use uploaded acroforms. I am paying full price for only half of a forms solution.
                    3. And finally...Adobe creates even more confusion by offering LiveCycle Designer ES4. Now that is a great program. Problem is that it make acroforms look like junk. This is not just rhetoric...let me give you a basic example. In LiveCycle, when you create and place a field, it comes in with a field label. Pretty basic huh? This is what you would expect. But in Acroforms (which has been around for a long time) you have to create your own labels for each field...or you have to work with some static and awkward "boilerplate" from Word. OR you can kinda do a double-edit in acrobat by placing text elements and fields, but this requires you to constantly switch back and forth between text editing tools and forms editing tools in Acrobat. A form development platform that includes the field labels with the fields...is that such a hard concept for Adobe? I could go on.