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    New to After Effects, working on a project and need advice.


      Hey guys, allow me to introduce myself - my name is Rob.


      I am working on a project in after effects and have been using various online tutorials to help me. The only problem is that some of the help I need I cannot find online at all.


      I am going to use this thread/discussion to ask you guys for help along my journey - hope you don't mind!


      My project involves a video of a book, I am basically trying to replace the front cover and the inside pages with my own design. I am slowly learning about rotoscoping and there is one scene in the video where a man is holding the book - exposing the front cover. I have figured out how to place my own cover on-top of the original cover, while hiding it behind the rotoscoped hand that is holding the book. My problem is that during the video the man moves the book into different positions (at an angle, up and down etc).


      My 1st question is to ask if it is possible to warp the shape of my designed cover to match the original book cover frame by frame?


      Anyway I hope you guys can help me out, I am looking forward to hearing your responses.


      Have a great day!