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    Create a link to a .html file

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      I'm creating a web page with a flash introduction, but the rest of the website
      is done in dreamweaver.
      At the end of my intro animation two buttons are displayed to go to two
      different parts of the website, I want these buttons to link to a .html file on
      my computer which is part of my site.

      Can anyone please tell me how to link the buttons in my .swf/flash to
      the local .html files on my computer?
      (I know simple action script e.g getURL() etc...)

      Thanks in advance.


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          Well, it's really just getURL("page1.html", "_self");

          Create your button. Convert it to a movieclip. Click on the movieclip
          on the stage and give it an instance name. On the frame where the
          buttons are loaded in the timeline put something to the effect of:

          button1.onPress = function (){
          getURL("page1.html", "_self");


          button2.onPress = function (){
          getURL("page2.html", "_blank");