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    Exporting Flattened PDF from Indesign


      For years our workflow has been InDesign--> .ps --> Distiller --> .pdf... From what I know this produces a flat file. Recently I began investigating the idea of exporting straight from InDesign to PDF instead of printing to a postscript file. The first time I exported straight to PDF and outsourced to our printer they had issues with one of the images in the file. That's when I started learning about flattening PDF files.


      Since then I've been exporting straight from InDesign using 1.3 Compatibility and have had good results. Recently however we outsourced another print job and a couple of the images ended up screwed up even though I exported with 1.3 compatibility. Trying to diagnose the problem, I opened the flattened pdf in photoshop and the issue appeared there just as it did in the printed copy.


      The problem occurred with a PDF file that was not flattened and then placed inside of an InDesign file that was then exported with 1.3 comp.


      What gives???


      Link to original pdf: Dropbox - JBC Property Management - 2 - UCOM.pdf


      This is what it should have looked like (notice JBC):

      FC.HALF PAGE AD.png



      This is what it looked like when it printed: