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    Stroke Effect


      Hi there i am trying to do some stroke efcet using "CC Particle world", and i am watching ths tutorial on the link from Video Copilot




      So far i was able to do every step ... but when the tut reaches the minute 8:40 .. there are these code pieces that when need to write in order to do the effect.


      I write them ... but for some reason i am not getting the same result as the tutorial.


      But when i download the project from the tuturial ... that already is working fine.


      Can some one help me and tell me if i am doing somthing wrong ??


      Regards ASilva

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          We cannot help you unless you show us what you are doing with a screenshot that reveals all of the changed properties of the layer that has the problem. There are so many things you could be doing wrong and nobody here has the time to go through the tutorial then try and figure out what errors you have made without seeing your project. If you added an expression you probably just made a typo.

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            ASilva Level 1

            Your right sry bout this


            Here are the expressions i wrote














            This expressions were all acording to what the Tuturial explaind ... But now here is what it happens:


            Moving on the X's



            Moving on the Y's



            Moving on the Z's




            As you can see ... the particule move with the Null Object on the X's and the Z's ... but it does not do that on the Y's


            I was hopping some one could tell me why ... since the expressions seam to be right.


            Regards ASilva

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              Dave LaRonde Level 7

              You mention "3D Stroke Effect".  Are you trying to use the 3D Stroke pluging from Red Giant Software & Trapcode?  Is it installed on your machine?

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                ASilva Level 1

                No i am not using any 3D Stroke Plugin nor trapcode.


                The Only thing i am using are the built in tolls that AE already has, like "CC Particle World"


                And the Tutorial that i am trying to follow is this




                It says 3D ... because on the tutorial ... the person make a basic 3D room using only images making them 3D manipulable, By pressing F4, and activating the 3D check box.


                But i am only needing the Stroke effect it self ... and the thing should be working fine ... but it isnt

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                  Dave LaRonde Level 7

                  I wish I had the time to look at that tutorial, but I don't.  I suspect you made a mistake in following it.  Look at the settings for your particle life.