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    IF Statement (Using Drop Down Box)


      Hi All,


      I have a drop down field with two options ("9-Month" and "12-Month"). I have second field that holds a dollar amount. My third field, which has the custom calculation script and needs to be read only, needs to see what is selected in the drop down box and then do a calculation based a value from the second field.


      So, I have the following:


      var FT1 = this.getField("Faculty_Type").value;

      var RT1 = this.getField("Rate_1").value;

      if (FT1 = "9-Month") event.value = RT1 / 19.5;

      else if (FT1 = "12-Month") RT1 / 26.1;


      It seems to me that my first IF statement is ALWAYS true. I can't seem to get it to truly evaluate the the statement.