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      I have a Toshiba Thrive and am a book reviewer. I have been able to download books through review sites on Aldiko and Bluefire, as it says Adobe Reader is not compatible with my tablet. Now, when I try to download a book into either site it comes up with Adobe asking for my ID and password. When I input that, it tells me my device is authorized, but when I try to access the book, it tells me my device is not authorized. I have downloaded my books to my PC and tried to transfer them from there to the tablet via a USB port and also a flash drive, but I get the message: "There is no associated application for this file time." Can you please help? I'm at my wit's end as I have not had this problem with either Aldiko or Bluefire before, and if Adobe isn't compatible with my tablet, why are these different reader sites asking for my Adobe ID???