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    Sprite color turning white, the shape is ok

    hwa-jun yu Level 1
      I've posted this msg in Basics category before, but there were only little response so I posted this back in LIngo Category.

      one of my sprite turns to solid white as if director couldn't find the cast member!
      My project involves many backgrounds. I used the go() command to move the playhead to certain marker and let the frame script do the work. But sometimes, I got Solid White sprite! the sprite's shape is okay. It can animate well without problem. But the color appeared as white. as if the cast member's color is white.

      What's wrong? Is this some kind of bug from Director?
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          Hi hwa-jun yu,

          It sounds a bit strange. Could you give more info on the sprite that 'turns white'?
          Is it an image or shape? Does it happen in a specific frame?

          Check the ink effect of the sprite is what you want it to be. I'm guessing what the
          problem is as I don't have enough iformation.

          I'd also suggest you put the troublesome member in its own movie so that it would
          eb easier to locate the problem. Testing and bug fixing is typically just a process
          of elimination - looking at possible causes of the problem and eliminating them one
          by one.


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            You may have selected an odd foreground and/or background color for the
            sprite. Select the sprite on the stage. Look at the foreground and
            background color chips in the tools window. The colors should be black
            over white.

            If this is not the problem then look at the ink property value in the
            property inspector window. You probably want copy, matte, or background
            transparent ink to be selected.
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              hwa-jun yu Level 1
              Thanks alot for the reply guys.
              I guess this is the only problem left in my project.

              I'm working on a CD-delivery game.
              It is meant to be an educational game for kids.
              So here it is, how I do my project in the most brief explanation.

              My project involved 12 different games.
              I divide them into separate casts. Each has its own behavior script.
              My score has no sprites at all. I put them all using channel(x).makeScriptedSprite() syntax.
              I used png bitmaps for my images. I need it to have transparent background and responds to mouse click, so I set my ink to 8 (matte).
              When I want to move from one game to another, I used the go() syntax.
              (I was wondering if this method is good in making games using Director )

              That's it.
              The sprite just turns white in a few game.
              The problem occured after screen transition (which is just a swf I made, not director's built in transition).
              I assume that the problem is with the sprite's ink setting. But I can't seem to track the problem in my code.
              Maybe I should set sprite's ink to 0 before begin transition?

              P.S sorry for the bad english. I'm learning.
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                Any given sprite should respond to setting its ink property using Lingo.
                If you have one or more sprites that don't seem to respond correctly,
                then it may be the .png member itself.

                Look for differences in these .png original files. Are they the same
                color depth as the ones that work correctly? If you are using 8 bit .png
                files, are you using a custom color table? Is the alpha enabled or
                disabled for the cast member?
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                  johnAq Level 1
                  Does it happen without the swf transition? I've had issues previously abou Flash artifacts remaining on screen?


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                    hwa-jun yu Level 1
                    It's been days since I checked back here.

                    I checked my project again.
                    It appears that my sprite turns to white if some sprite animates while my Transition swf is playing. When I get back, the sprite's color will become white.
                    I solve this by preventing any sprite to animate when transition is playing.
                    I tested my project over and over again, my sprite doesn't turn to white anymore.

                    Still, why my sprite turns to white is a mystery.