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    Problem with search function on ipad

    MERLOT Bryan

      I am using RH10 to generate webhelp output and I have the following issues on ipad:


      1) For chrome browser when clicking on search icon, there's no input field and search button; it looks similar to search function if "Section 508 compliant output" check box is checked when generating the output.  I was able to fix it by replacing the following codes in the generated files (ehlpdhtm.js & whver.js)



      var gbChrome             = (gstrBsAgent.indexOf('chrome')!=-1);


      var gbChrome             = (gstrBsAgent.indexOf('chrome')!=-1) || (gstrBsAgent.indexOf('crios')!=-1) ;


      2) Even though I was able to make this simple fix, the search function still have problems on both sarafi and chrome on ipad.  After issuing a search on a keyword, the result is displayed in the result pane but because the content is long it displays in one single line (On desktop browser, this content would wrap in multiple lines).  Because of this, the go button after the search input text field is on longer visible.  I believe this happens because both the input text field and the go button has property of width 100% which is similar to the result list and since the result list doesn't wrap the search button is all the way to the right.


      I wonder if robohelp get tested on ipad on any other mobile device?