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    PDF Individuals script for CC

    DKingDesigner Level 1

      I have a workflow for a particular project that is very dependent on the script found here Export individual book documents to PDF | Peter Kahrel


      I've recently upgraded this project to CC and when I tried using the script to export a book full of documents, it just seemed to spin its wheels on the first doc of the book, and I ended up having to force quit CC. Not sure if there is some syntax in the script that is not speaking properly to CC because I don't read Javascript that well. Can anyone tell me if it's something in the script that is causing it to not be compatible with CC? I'm really a bit desperate for the script to work as I have seven books that need this type of export ASAP for a project that is already past deadline.


      I'm running InDesign CC on Windows 8. Everything is fully updated. I have plenty of memory and the CPU is not maxing. The script works with a short book (containing about 10 documents that have no links), but the script seems to stall out on larger books that contain documents with links. InDesign does not lock up in this case, it just sits there with the spinning cursor and the first document in the book indicated.


      The major frustration in troubleshooting the script is that my ID CC is very unstable. If I force quit it for any reason, it will not reload and requires me to restart my computer to work again. Restarting over and over is very time consuming.