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    how do I delete library files?


      I did two compositions, and I am trying to remove files that I don't need. Every time I remove the files I don't need from the folder they are in (specifically the media folder), I preview in browser, but it does not work. What is the fix, if there is one?

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Media file, like sound or music files may linger in your browser cache. You may need to clear your browser cache, as well.


          In EA > Library > Audio section, right click the item you want to remove and choose > Show in Folder.

          Once in the folder, delete it.

          Once delete it go back to EA > File > Save.


          To ensure a clean removal, I would close down the project file and reopen it again and double check that it is no longer visible in the Library > Audio section.



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            JerryPF Level 1

            Hi Darrel


            I'm making interactive slideshows with Adobe Muse, and exporting to HTML. The slide has animal images as buttons, and each plays a sound.


            The buttons are created with EA. Each button has mouseover, mousedown and mouse out attributes. Mousedown plays the audio clip. I've opened a new project file for each button, even though the mouseover image is the same. Each time I only bring the desired elements into the library. When I export to HTML from Muse, the image and media folders for each button contain elements from the other buttons. After manually deleting the surplus files, the HTML folder size dropped from 12.5 to 5.1MB.


            How can I prevent this from happening, and save time inspecting and deleting unnecessary files?


            Regards, Jerry

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              JerryPF Level 1

              I've just gone back into my EA files and found the image and media libraries are populated with the images and clips from all the buttons. Possibly, I'll need to save each button and associated files in a separate folder.


              I'm new to EA, and finding it's not as intuitive as other Adobe software. The 'idea of less is more' gets taken a bit far sometimes. Hidden keystrokes, with modifiers – Mac has no right click option, instead we use ctrl click. To update an asset in Muse, ctrl clicking the item in the asset panel displays the option to update. This may well be documented, but I only found this by accident. InDesign has got it right, why can't other Adobe Apps use the same methods, for navigating, updating and deleting.