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    max xml block size?

    mowebdev2 Level 1
      I was debugging some ajax code written by a previous programmer. The code builds a large xml variable that basically outputs a large HTML block. Problem was some of the HTML block was getting cut off in Firefox but was OK in Internet Explorer. The programmer had written this blockify function to fix that, but forgot to send the block through the blockify function. Anyway, my real question is… why does blockify help? I can't find anything on a node/entity size limit. Where would I find more information on limits?

      Thanks for any clarifications.
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          insuractive Level 3
          I'm not sure why limited the amount of data per element would make a difference (aside from limiting the total xml document size). I know there is a size limit on the amount of data you can send via a GET request. You can try switching your AJAX call over to a POST, if it is not already. Also, if the size of your response is getting to be an issue, you could always switch from XML to JSON.