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    Strange circles in After Affects


      Hi, so i have been using after effects for quite a while, and sometimes there are these circles that appear on the layer and I cant get rid of them unless I restart after effects. Does anybody know why this is happening?

      Here is a screen shot, I was also using particular and this also occasionally happens with lens flares from video copilot. After I close after effects and start it up again it says it has crashed... Is this because i am doing something too hard to process?


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You either need to put a mark on that screenshot to show us where the problem lies or show is a with and without problem screenshot. It would also be very helpful to know the details of your composition. I suspect this may be nothing more than a cache issue.

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            3dburn Level 1

            rightproblem.pngjavascript:;problem.png The first one is what it is supposed to look like, but the second picture represents what sometimes happens, that weird red shape appears with the layer during ram preview and sometimes when i switch its options. Then when I create any any new things such as an  adjustment layer the same symbol appears over it. This occasionally happens to me  when I use 3d party plugins (such as particular, optical flares from video copilot, or hit film plugins in after effects).

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              3dburn Level 1

              alright I continued to mess with it, and it turned out the glow in the effects/presets was causing this problem which was not working properly with the settings i set it to, I just deleted this to solve it. Thanks for the helping though!