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    Making Marquee Selections in PhotoShop

    Training22 Level 1
      I'm trying to record a software simulation to show how to perform a particular function in PhotoShop. This function involves using the Marquee tool twice to make a selection around an image. Every time when I get to that part of the simulation, the Marquee tool won't work properly. I get part of a selection and then my mouse can't make the entire selection around the image. It freezes. Because of that, I'm unable to complete the simulation. When I get out of Captivate and go into PhotoShop, the Marquee tool works just fine and I'm able to make the selection around the image without any trouble.

      Does anyone have any ideas why this is happening or has this happened to anyone?

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          CatBandit Level 3
          Seems there is a keyboard or command conflict. Have you tried disabling the "automatic" capture mechanism ...

          (Automatic capture is done by dragging the mouse for selection after selecting automatic full-motion for dragging operations in the Recording Options dialog)

          ... and instead, use keyboard shortcuts to force a full-motion capture of this function?

          (By default, full-motion capture can be manually forced by pressing the function key F9, and discontinued by pressing F10)