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    I am editing a feature film i premiere CC and multicam.

    Ola Paulakoski

      I am editing my featurefilm Hermit monster killer in Adobe premiere CC http://www.hermitmonsterkiller.com/


      I shot with 2 dslr cameras in 1080p and audio on in camera and took all sound separate in a zoom h4n. So i been trying to use multicam too speed up my creative process here. Problem is sometimes Adobe puts to many clips into multicam clip. Most of the time it scans the folder correct and sometimes it just imports everything into 1 clip instead of 4 clips there are 30 clips in.  "I have scan for audio and also kamera 1 i triend all cameras etc"


      Is there a way to tell adobe and multicam i have 4 sources and it should can scan the folder for that. Otherwise you have to fix this! Multicam is amazing and just opens up my creative process so much! Like a new better form of non-linear editing. I could se how this could integrate and replace alot of my workflow entirely if it could automatically scan every folder i make and do it correct.


      Alot of the time it does it correctly and sometimes horribly wrong. Help me.


      This is how i want it to work for me:



      Not like this:


      multicam going nuts.png