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    HELP!! Can this be even be done?

      I am working on a project that requires some elaborate Flash interactivity. I would like to get your thoughts on whether this will work, if Flash and Captivate are the right tools, etc..

      We want to train users on how to fill out a medical form. It requires the users to circle or put slashes through words, “write” (type) on lines, and to “draw” shaded areas on a diagram. ( I have the drawing component completed in Flash)
      This is all done in sync to an audio “interview”, so it will have to pause intermittently, then proceed.Feedback needs to be given after each user interactivity.

      There are 3 levels of learning for the course: ShowMe (Flash movie, no interactivity, demo and text “slides), Coach Me(interactivity, feedback, scoring displayed, not sent to LMS), and Test Me (same as Coach Me, but scoring sent to LMS)
      OK, other features on the wish list: dynamic text narration during all 3 levels of learning, and streaming video.

      Am I crazy to think this can be done? I have explored Captivate, Flash, and Articulate so far.. each have different possibilities, but successful integration to make it all happen feels impossible.

      Please guide me—I am on very short deadlines, and working on my own. It is about to drive me to lose it!

      Debra C
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi Debra,
          I completely agree with you that Flash, Captivate and Articulate are all great and powerful wizards, and until I read your last sentence, I was ready to say "Without a doubt, go for it - it can be done". Unfortunately, that final sentence is screaming " get some sanity" at me, so in my professional opinion you should set less ambitious project guidelines and forget about integrating three fine, but very different (and sometimes difficult) products into a time-critical development cycle. Are you asking too much of yourself?

          The "...short deadlines and working alone' part is the kicker, so I'd recommend you use the software for which you are already an "expert". I think Captivate is the best overall single tool for the job, but then again, I'm a Captivate expert. If you are expert with all of the listed software, you wouldn't have posted the question, so my thought is, where are your strengths? If you are a Flash developer, maybe go that way. If you are new to all, give some thought to "Articulate" and "PowerPoint" as the simplest solutions.

          Hope this helps.
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            dfreem5 Level 1
            Larry, Thanks for your much needed professional input! ( I used it in my defense)

            We have decided to keep the short deadlines, but scale down the project considerably. Still integrating Flash, but not <i>interactive</i> Flash.

            Our 'Show Me' will be a 'movie'/demo created in Flash (my specialty), and a 'Test Me' with Captivate's out-of-the-box types of questions (multiple choice, likert, true/false, etc). We elimated the 'Coach Me' part, and the crazy Flash interactivity. So, all in all, a solution to my problem.

            I guarantee I will be posting more captivate questions to the forums, but all will probably be in the realms of reality. =)
            Thanks again,