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    Best practices with CFDOCUMENT and PDF's

      I am getting mixed signals on using CFDOCUMENT to create PDF's. When speaking with other CF Developers they seem somewhat suprised when I speak of the problems I have had creating PDF's using CFDOCUMENT. It seems kind of hit or miss. Some developers either have had no problems with it and some do. I wonder if the problems I have had are caused by the way I am using CFDOCUMENT to create the PDF's. My basic experience has been that CFDOCUMENT has been unreliable. I either get my PDF or CF services just seem to lock up and I have to restart CF application service to restore functionality to our server.

      My basic need is quite simple. I need to take a very basic HTML file and convert it to a PDF. I currently just take the HTML I need to convert to a PDF and put it between CFDOCUMENT tags with the format set to PDF. It does not consistently work. If there is something more that I need to get this function to work every time what is it? The HTML I need to convert is very basic. Simple tables and text with an occasional image.

      Is this more than what CFDOCUMENT can handle? It seems kind of silly to go out and spend $1500 for activePDF if I can get CFDOCUMENT to do it's job.