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    Glossary rubbish and TextPopup rubbish for Chinese CHM

    Tim Qiu

      Hi Guys,


      1. We generated Chinese CHM using Robohelp HTML 9 in Chinsese OS & Region, but the CHM glossary display rubbish when we open it in Chinese OS & Region (please see attached Glossary_in_Chinese_OS&Region.png). But it displays correctly under English OS, no matter English or Chinese Region (please see attached Glossary_Displayed_In_English_OS.png). And, in some computers, glossary didn't display (please see attached Glossary_doesn't_display.png), very strange.


      2. For JavaScript:hhctrl.TextPopup strings, it display rubbishes when we click it under English region, Chinese region is OK. We have changed to "Simsun, 9, gb2312" already, but still has this problem, please see attached.

      Would you provide some solutions please, thanks in advance!!!

      Glossary_doesnt_display.pngGlossary_Displayed_In_English_OS.png Glossary_in_Chinese_OS&Region.png   TextPoup_String_Source_File.png