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    limit application

    newmfa Level 1
      Hi all,,
      "trial version"..! this is what i trying to do with lingo now, i try make application
      limited with 10 minutes starting with running .exe application to make trial version of director project, i think "time out" may the start, but how begin that?

      is there helper..
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          Lukewig Level 1

          One approach is to store the time when the application starts, and then every now and again check whether the 10 minutes has elapsed. Something like this:

          -- Script "DemoControl" [this must be a 'movie' script]

          property TimeToFinish

          on StartMovie
          this = Script("DemoControl")
          this.TimeToFinish = the milliseconds + (10 * 60 * 1000)
          tmp = timeout().new("TimeChecker", 100, #CheckElapsedTime, this)

          on CheckElapsedTime (this, tmobj)
          if (the milliseconds > this.TimeToFinish) then
          tmobj.forget() -- destroy the timeout
          alert ("Demo has expired")-- tell the user
          halt() -- exit
          end if

          -- Luke
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            newmfa Level 1

            can easily make trial timer count down, visible on the screen..?

            if user delete "temp", the application run again ?