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    Constantly signed out - plus more issues as a result


      Adobe CC is signing me out quite often.

      If I quit and start up the programs often, I need to supply my password about 15 times a day.

      This is a minor annoyance, as I jump in-between indesign, illustrator and photoshop constantly.


      To make matters worse, though - in the 1,5 weeks I've been using it - two of the times it has logged me out it asked me to accept terms & conditions after signing in (both of the times occured when starting Acrobat Pro). After I accepted the terms and conditions, it prompts me to sign in again... for the trial version. -_-


      After that, all my programs run in the trial version - to get out of the trial mode it asks me for a serial (which I never received)


      I need to use the adobe cc cleaning tool to uninstall and completely re-download + install the cc suite through the CreativeCloud program to get it back to normal (as far as I've noticed, this is the only way to fix it) - which costs me hours of my work day.


      As I cannot afford to spend half a day of my office time on this process once a week - are there any proper fixes for this (or methods to keep this bug from occuring in the first place)?


      Thanks in advance for your help