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    DNG files not showing thumbnails preview icon on mac, after reduce/resize pixel count. Mavericks 10.9.2, Photoshop CC, ACR Any Solution?


      This is driving me crazy. With today's huge file sizes it seem to me that for the majority of pictures a pixel count of 12-16 mega pixels y more than ok size for editing and make printings; for the professional jobs is a good idea to have the biggest file we can. Due to that i was trying to convert some NEF files to DNG, saving some space in the process, But the impossibility to preview the picture's thumbnails and the file size (it displays 0x0) immediately take me to 1984, (Windows 3.11). and those are bad memories.


           I don't know if this is an apple's or adobe's error, but it needs to be solved.


           Anyone with the same predicament?