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    Actionscript getURL function

    eholz1 Level 1
      Hello ActionScripters,

      I have a series of html files with embedded flash content.
      I have one html file with embedded flash, that always opens a new browser window
      when a button is clicked. I always want the button, when clicked to open the next html file (along with its embedded flash file) to open in the same browser window.

      I am using Windows XP, Flash 8 (and Flash CS3).
      The button is really a movieclip that when clicked calls the getURL() function. I am using _self as the parameter for the function as well as the http://www.myflashpage.com/coolFlash.html (etc).

      I have other html files where the getURL functions correctly, and opens the next page in the same window.

      But there is a difference between these pages. In the page that does not work, I create an empty movieclip container, and then attach the movie (in this case the button as a movie clip) to the container. There is more than one movieclip container. The button is clickable in the container (I use swapdepth to put container on top, etc).

      On my other html files I do not have the button (a movieclip) on any layer (aka container) other than the top layer. The button works fine this way, using _self as the parameter.

      Any ideas on how I can get my attachmovie version to work??