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    flex zip library


      i'm using noChump zip library to write excel with ooxml

      in flex sdk 4.6, everything works

      the project has now been updated to use sdk 4.12

      now Excel thows a warning, and then opens

      our project has had problems with the sdk4.12 byteArray class

      and noChump uses byteArray, so maybe that's the issue


      does anyone know if there is a new flex zip library?


      does anyone know about a bug in the sdk4.12 byteArray class and if so, how to fix it?


      Thanks, we're trying to push a build and I'm scrambling to fix this.


      EDIT: using either noChump or fZip has the same results -- works in 4.6, not in 4.12

      EDIT: problem solved.  SDK4.12's dateFormatter no longer interprets the "Z" formatString as "Z".  Instead, "Z" ends up being "GMT"