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    flex zip library

    whyDontUCmyLogin Level 1

      i'm using noChump zip library to write excel with ooxml

      in flex sdk 4.6, everything works

      the project has now been updated to use sdk 4.12

      now Excel thows a warning, and then opens

      our project has had problems with the sdk4.12 byteArray class

      and noChump uses byteArray, so maybe that's the issue


      does anyone know if there is a new flex zip library?


      does anyone know about a bug in the sdk4.12 byteArray class and if so, how to fix it?


      Thanks, we're trying to push a build and I'm scrambling to fix this.


      EDIT: using either noChump or fZip has the same results -- works in 4.6, not in 4.12

      EDIT: problem solved.  SDK4.12's dateFormatter no longer interprets the "Z" formatString as "Z".  Instead, "Z" ends up being "GMT"