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    Ultra low frame rates, GPU not being used


      While using After effects during playback, I am getting about 10-4 FPS. With frame rates that low it's basically impossible to make any videos. I am using a desktop gadget to monitor GPU usage. I noticed that my GPU is not being used at all, 0% usage and only a few MB of memory being consumed out of 4 gigs of GDDR5. I called Adobe customer service and basically I was told that After effects only uses as much GPU power as it needs to. Ok, that makes since and If I was getting 30+ FPS then I wouldn't care, but it seems odd to me that After effects is running so poorly and not using my GPU. If my GPU was maxed out, then I would understand I need a more powerful GPU to improve frame rates, but since my GPU is not being used at all, not even a bit then I don't think it's a hardware problem, but some sort of setting that is not right. The only thing I could think of is that my HDD is pretty slow or that GTX cards are not designed to run Open Gl and maybe that's the problem, but I double checked the Adobe website and GTX cards are supported.  Also I downloaded some other GPU monitoring software to double check and both the Desktop gadget and the GPU software monitor show no activity. I am really new to After effects.  Thanks for help.


      64bit win7

      8 gigs