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    Keystroke event

    MatLac Level 3

      A serie of 41 vetically aligned textboxes open other fields on the same line when a value is entered using this script in the calculate event.


      for (var i = 1; i <= 41; i++){
      if (this.getField("OPE009.ITEMSNO."+i).value != ""){
        this.getField("OPE009.ITEMS."+i).display = display.visible;
        this.getField("OPE009.ITEMS."+i).required = true;
        this.getField("OPE009.ITEMS."+i).display = display.hidden;
        this.getField("OPE009.ITEMS."+i).required = false;


      The problem is that if the user presses TAB after entering a value, he is sent down instead of right, then fields become visible.  I need to activate the script on keypress so fields will display when a value is entered, not commited.