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    TAB somewhere else

    MatLac Level 3

      I tryied forcing it with setFocus() on blur event but I want it to work only if TAB is pressed.  Now it does it all the time, even when the user manually selects another field to set focus on with his mouse.


      Also, I can't just change the TAB order because multiple fields will all TAB towards the same place.


      Any idea?

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          MatLac Level 3

          Putting the following script in a custom format script checks if the value was commited using TAB.  It's almost perfect.


          if (event.commitKey == 3){




          If I enter a value, click on another field, enter a value there and then press TAB, the first value is commited and the script triggers which is not supposed to.  Anyway I coud force commit on the first field?