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    Is there a way to globally apply import options when placing multiple files?

    bernst@fastline.com Level 1

      We want to build a multi-page InDesign file using many (over 100) individually created InDesign files. We set up a document with a Master page applied to all the pages which includes a placeholder box with the appropriate settings and could load up the cursor and place the multiple files fine. However, they didn't include the bleed on the original files and files with more than one page only imported the first page. We discovered we needed to turn on the Show Import Options in order to select the bleed box and to include more than just the first page, but now instead of simply loading up the cursor with the selected pages, we have to stop and click OK for each document to be placed. Is there a way to make those selections global to all files we are wanting to import so that it always includes the bleed and all pages in imported files?