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    image in panel title

      how can I put an image in the panel title?
      I tried with tha same way that the button, like this:

      <mx:Panel id="myPan" title="Panel" icon="@Embed('image.png')">

      but it didn't work

      any idea?

      thank you
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          peterent Level 2
          Create a component file which extends Panel - either MXML or ActionScript. You need to do this because you need access to the protected member, titleBar.

          Override the createChildren method and add an Image to the titleBar:

          private var yourEmbededImageClass:Class;

          override protected function createChildren() : void
          var img:Image = new Image();
          img.source = yourEmbededImageClass;

          You will also need to increase the Panel's title height (style: headerHeight) enough to accommodate the icon.