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    Crop in a droplet


      I set my actions and created a droplet. What i don't know how to do is have crop still be active. What i would like to do (someone else created one for me in the past but it doesn't work anymore) is be able to put my photos into the droplet and then when the photos open in adobe photoshop be able to adjust the crop box and then click on the green check mark when done. Have that photo be saved and gone, then the next photo show up and i can then do the same to that.

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          Droplets are normally used to Batch process imageo or a single image without user intervention. Does not make much sense to create a droplet  from an interactive action.  Interactive Batch why.   You can easily record interactive cropping actions.  Using the Crop tool or a rectangle selection the with an interactive transform selection step.  The trick is the record a free transform the rotate the selection 180 degrees then make that step interactive. If you make a mistake transforming the selection you can use the ESC key to cancel the transform which stops the action in that step. Pressing the Play button after the canceled transform restarts the action in the interactive transform step and give you an other  try at transforming the recorded selection correctly.  I normally set the selection by recording a centered  AspectRatioSelect using my AspectRatioSelection Plug-in. That is part of my Crafting Actions Package.