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    How do I assign a paragraph style to text being added to and existing text frame without changing the existing text?Using AppleScript.


      I have and existing text frame that I want to add more text to and at the same time assign a style to that added text.

      Then add more text to the same text frame later.


      I can do it using "set applied font statements"  but what I want to do is use styles for each entry.  Many times the styles are different for each addition.


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CC"

        tell parent story of text frame x of page 1 of document 1


        set applied font of insertion point -1 to "Chalkduster"

        set point size of insertion point -1 to 12


        --set character style of insertion point -1 to "New" --Does NOT work


        set contents of insertion point -1 to return & "Me Either !" & return --inserts after



      end tell


      iMac OSX 10.9


      Script DeBugger 5

      Xcode 5.1

      Thank you