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    Alignment problems

    pandxsg Level 1
      I've got a mainflash.swf clip which acts as the "main shell" of my entire website. All my main links are in this shell, and whenever a link is activated the targeted movie will be layered on top of this shell. For eg, my main clip is named as mainflash.swf, and there're links called link1, link2, etc. When link1 is clicked, link1.swf will load in layer 1, with mainflash in layer 0.

      Now there is a problem with this way of layering clips. My mainflash is about 1000 pixels tall, and my sublinks are only about 600 pixels tall. So when i select a link at the bottom, say link2, link2.swf will start playing at the top but i will still be viewing the page at the bottom. Is there a way to go to top after a link is clicked, or even better resize the page to a smaller size?

      Thanks in advance!