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    How do I motion track a facehugger?


      Hi guys, girls, anyone else,


      I've made video footage of me shaking around like I have a facehugger on me. I also have a facehugger model in maya. I've heard about motion tracker software and I'm happy to incorporate it, so anyway I was wondering if anyone had any quick tips or advice on getting the facehugger composited correctly onto my face. I was thinking about first attaching the facehugger to a model head and then painting it green to remove in AE later. My main reason for thinking this was that (as well as a front shot) i have a side view shot of me being attacked by it, so in the side shot i don't the legs furthest away showing...


      I'm a total newbie to after effects so any help would be appreciated





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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          That's not an easy task, especially for someone just starting out. It involves motion tracking, possibly 3D camera tracking, bringing the motion of the camera into Maya and occluding any parts of the mask that would be hidden by your face, then composite the two together. This is not something that can be covered in a single post. This would be more like a 10 page white paper. Basically, you track the face, import the tracking data into Maya, mimic the lighting in the shot in Maya, and then overlay your rendered mask with your footage.


          First, you must get very familiar with AE Basics. Go through as much as you can. Then you need to read up and watch tutorials on motion tracking in AE and Mocha. There are lots of Mocha tutorials on the Imagineer site. You need to learn all about how Mocha tracking integrates with AE, how to track, how to mask or do roto. You'll also need to learn a lot about After Effects motion tracking to understand the process . Once you get a handle on that you can start doing some basic compositing. Look at tutorials like this one on Face Replacement or this one on eye replacement. Those should get you started.

          Get to the point where you can do something like either one of the last two tutorials and then start poking around the Maya forums to learn how to insert a head in your mask and render only the front side (facing the camera view), add motion tracking data from AE or Mocha, or any of a dozen other tracking programs, to Maya, and then you'll be ready to start working on your actual project. I'd guess 10 to 20 hours minimum of research and experimentation and you will be ready start on your project. If a client came to me with this kind of project I would tell them it would take about two days in post per 10 seconds of footage to pull off a believable shot like the one I think you want to do. VFX of this kind are not and never will be a simple 1 click 1 plug-in solution.