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    xml loading question

    The bloke from stoke
      Hi There

      I am trying to build a flash application that loads in different item details. So when you rollover an item it calls the xml and then retrives the information on that item.

      I have this working fine but at the moment when a rollover occurs I then load the xml, parse it and then set variables for the different attributes.

      This is fine but I am worried that the flash is loading the xml everytime a rollover occurs. Can anyone tell me if flash will store/cache the xml after the first time it is loaded so that when I tell it to load it already has is cached or will flash reload the entire xml again?
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          If you issue a load command every time there is a rollover, then yes it will reload the xml. But its very likely it will be loading it from the browser cache - this depends on users browser settings.

          If the values are not going to change after they have loaded the first time- and the rollover is only for the purpose of loading the xml then you could have the xml onLoad handler delete the rollover action for each item or have the xml.onLoad handler set a flag that the rollover handler checks to decide whether to avoid second and subsequent xml.load calls.