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    File chooser defaults to null folder and intermittently crashes flash builder


      I am a new Flash Builder user working on an ANE. I just setup builder on my mac (Mavericks) so it is version 4.7 with all the latest stuff. I am able to use builder mostly ok, but it is crashing frequently. By crashing I mean shutting down and asking me to send a crash report to adobe. The problem appears to be path related.


      Whenever I need to select a file, the open... dialog appears to default to a null/empty folder name. It sits there in the open dialog with a spinning progress indicator and crashes ~50% of the time. No idea why it is 50% instead of 0% or 100% as the same procedure gives me different results each time I try.



      Right click project->Properties->Flex Build Path->Native Extensions->Add ANE...->Browse   results in the attached dialog with an empty/null folder selected and the progress indicator spinning at the bottom next to New Folder.


      I have looked through all the settings I can find and I haven't found anywhere that has a default folder I can change.


      The blank folder is just an annoyance, but the intermittent crashing is really frustrating. Anyone else have this problem? Suggestions for a fix/workaround?