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    One edge animate oam file with sound no work in muse, I need urgent help please

    El León Level 1

      (I speak spanish and I translate this with google translate, sorry.  Try to understand)(I can read english)

      A sound file oam place it in adobe muse does not work, how can I do. In works right edge Animate and when I preview in the browser looks perfect and 100% working well but when I step by Muse does not work. When I pass the file to Muse, you can see placed in the page design, but when I preview I do not see anything in the file that I placed. When I tried it without sound if it worked but after you add sound and replaced it with the new file (delete the old file and place the new) no lifts. I implementación.oam public with package, and then drag the file created page design muse.