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    How to setup a Seamless Transaction Gateway with PayPal (Australia Only)

    Gary Swanepoel - ITB Level 1

      I've been working with the team at PayPal to allow BC Partners to set up a cost effective way to setup a Seamless Transaction Shopping Cart Process on their BC eCommerce website without the need for a 3rd Party Merchant Provider like eWay or Secure Pay or their bank. This is designed for entry level businesses who want to control their setup costs and keep all funds in one place (PayPal).


      Currently BC doesn't support Paypal's Payments Pro plan in Australia so you are limited with either a non-seamless payment process or using a 3rd Party Merchant provider with can be costly.


      Without going into too much detail, the setup on PayPal's side is a mixture of a couple of plans, and is a little complicated however through our discussions we come to an arrangement of any additional fee's associated with the setup being waived since this is more so of a technical workaround than anything else.


      Basically PayPal is the merchant provider, and the customer doesn't leave your website when making a purchase through the Shopping Cart. The setup is only $25/month plus transaction fees of between 1.1 to 2.4% + 30 cents depending on the number of payments (this is just an initial guide and confirmed on your discussion with the PayPal).


      Because the setup involves quite a few steps and departments I've arranged a contact that will fast track this process and is familiar with this unique setup.


      How to setup PayPal for a Seamless Transaction Process

      1. Sign up for PayPal Business account  Timeframe: <20 minutes
      2. Email Peter psady@paypal.com or phone (02) 8288 0333. CC me gary@itbusiness.com.au or mention my name so he can correctly setup the process and apply the discounted pricing.
      3. Prepare for the Verification process for the PayPal account (Proof of ID, Proof of Address, Business documents etc).
      4. Wait for Account Verification. You will be informed to setup both PayFlow Pro* and Website Payments Pro (*the PayFlow payment will be waived as mentioned previously). Timeframe: up to 5 business days depending on swift supply of required documentation.
      5. Wait for your Billing Agreement for Website Payments Pro once application has been approved. Sometimes they will receive a phone call to verify details of the application. Timeframe: Up to 72 hours
      6. Login into your PayPal account to accept the Billing Agreement.
      7. Notify Peter once the Billing Agreement has been accepted so your PayFlow Pro can be linked to your Website Payments Pro
      8. Login into your Business Catalyst Website and navigate e-Commerce > Payment Gateways
      9. Select PayPal PayFlow Payment Gateway (..,AU, ..)
      10. Enter your Username, PayPal Password, and add VSA as the Partner


      Setting up PayPal Payments

      If you also want to make payments via PayPal (ie, with the customers Pay Pal account) you can continue with setting up the PayPal Website Standard secure with your PayPal Customer ID and your PDT Token which you'll need to setup in your PayPal Account.


      If you have any questions give me or Peter an email. I'll continue to update this document as I go.

      Please note this setup is current for Australian Pay Pal Customers only. This process does not support re-occurring billing.