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    Alternate layout created when moving pages from one  document to another

    notannhavoc Level 1

      I'm using CC on Windows 7 -  I have 2 documents  that I want  to merge and make into 1 [I know people will want to know why I would want to do this -  each document is  the result of a different data merge - data merge can only handle one master page - so I have  2  datamerges - 2 files - and just need to  merge the 2 files]

      This used to work beautifully in  ID 5.5 - now when I   use the pages panel to move the pages to  the other document - it creates an alternate layout - it is then very difficult for me to  interlace alternating  pages - - I use dot be able to just move the pages into place - but with eh 2 layouts it is behaving differently and in a way I do not understand. Is there any way I can get around this? or avoid the alternate layout and just have one. The 2 page sizes are identical so it is not a problem of  varying size - the paragraph styles are all the same as well. I have tried to delete the alternating style but it  will delete all the pages as well.