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    Good tutorial book for non-flash developer?

      I need to learn flex for our company. I am a .NET developer although I have used Flex 1.0 before and was doing well with it. I am by no means a flash developer, so I'm looking for a good beginner to intermediate book for someone who is looking more at flex application development rather than design.

      I need a book that focuses more on database/XML/webservice integration and not something that focuses SOLEY on rich GUI's. Yes, I would like for the book to focus also on design, but not have that purely be the focus.

      What do you all recommend? Thanks!

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          SPGAnne Level 1
          I found the book Adobe Fex 2 Training from the Source VERY helpful. I read and did everything and am also finding it useful as a reference. One reason I liked it is that it takes you through an appliation step by step refining the application over time as you "discover" more succinct/efficient ways to do things (e.g. making components and a more reusable design). It takes you through multiple ways to get at server stuff too. I also highly recommend reading the Cairngorm articles posted on Adobe's website to help you get off on the right foot using good design principles for Flex.

          P.S. I am very much a newbie myself and am still climbing the learning curve.