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    Wrong aspect ratio or size when exporting Pal anamorph with ProRes codec!


      Hi community,


      I have a problem exporting a spot in the right format. The customer/the upload service provider needs PAL anamorph 16:9 in ProRes codec.

      When I export my FULLHD spot to these setting, the aspect ratio/the spot size turns out wrong. When opened in QT Pro the size is 720x576, what is correct, but the anamorph size quotet in brackets reads different values, for example 1020x576 but never 1024x576, what would be correct.

      The service providers online software refuses to work with these wrong nunmbers...!?

      The same export settings with QT Animation codec is correct. Also when exporting the same composition with two export modules, the Animation codec is OK, the ProRes codec is wrong. No matter whether I export a PAL-format comp or stretch it while exporting the FullHD comp.


      Working with After Effects CC.


      Any ideas?