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    Corrupted FLA?

    Angyl Level 1
      I have a button at the end of a movie clip, that when pressed, catches some data in strings, moves a few boxes around and changes the value of some text fields.

      works fine.

      I decided that for the 2nd part of this movie, i want to work on frame 2. So at the end of the code for this button, before the close brace } I put in a simple line of code


      Doesn't work and I get all sorts of unexplained whoopdie doo.

      To test, I made a BRAND NEW button and put that code on it.

      Doesn't work. Won't go to frame 2 AT ALL.

      I took that same button, that same code and put it in a brand new Flash document.

      Works fine.

      Looks to me like my FLA has experienced some kind of weird corruption? Anyone ever seen anything like this before? I haven't opened it, saved it, or crashed it all...this just began as I was working on my document.