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    Wish list for animation and workarounds

    cocoua Level 1

      Hi, I've been animating for tv shows and games with Flash since Macromedia Flash 3 (14 years?), with Macromerdia Flash 4, Adobe Flash CS3 and CC as my alltime favorites.


      Now I miss some features from CS3, and I'm wondering if some of you know a workaround:

      -Object level undo (OK, it is said in CC2 will return!! yeah!)

      -MULTIPLE TIMELINES, you could open a new window of the same project, with their own timeline, with your cintiq and anoteher dsplay, this was awesome to work between symbols.

      -LOCK the panels, in special the TIMELINE: the area to move the timeline it's almost as big as the area to select the frames, such unused area it's useless and a waste of space and time. every time. Unlocking by accident it's a multiple times per day error many people does.

      -pick up color from anywhere, symbols, etc, no just color shapes...



      And now flash is getting more "PRO" and games are getting more and more complex, here are some things me and my colleagues miss form Flash as animation tool, hope some of you could tell me some extensions to solve:


      -option (on/off) to auto set a keyframe when modify something in another  frame, as move a symbol, or make another draw on that layer.

      -custom color option for the layers in timeline, this is a winner feature when you are working with dozens of layers and characters (all the green ones are hands, for example).

      -permanent sync graphics in timeline, AS in the motion tweening. The action of select the layer and chosing “sync all symbols” every time you move a keyframe is such a waste of time!!

      -Option to deactivate a layer (so, hide, lock, guide AND deactivate) , not just put it in guide mode, as we use to do, this is a mess!!!

      -center the timeline every time you enter or exit a symbol, now the timeline goes at the extreme right. Very annoying if want to check the new change inside the symbol.

      -press cmd/alt o whatever while clicking on a symbol WITHOUT going to that layer, very useful when working with puppets

      -proportional brush  size when zoom (optional?) as in the rest of professional drawing tools. This could be very controversial, though…

      -make a symbol from selected frames and put it in the same place. Someone did an extension for this but it’s not working at all. [link removed by moderator - if it doesn't work then it shouldn't be advertised]


      -Make a cycle from selected frames, very useful for walks, laughs, etc..


      many thanks!