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    Color Issues! - Don't know why Indesign is washing out all my pics/colors on bottom half of pages?


      This is extremely strange. I've spent a few days on trying to fix this problem, I don't know how. I opened a new document and it begins like this. Every color or pic I place in top half of page is a nice, tinted color. But as I move the pic/color down to the bottom half of page everything washes out. It happens regardless of CMYK or RGB colors. This is a problem because I am making a brochure and the top border is nice and dark and the bottom border is a washed out color. And I use the same logo on both the top and bottom parts of the page and the bottom one looks horrible.


      What is mostly strange is if I move the pic or border with my mouse from top to bottom it becomes lighter and lighter in color. I've spent many hours on assigning color profiles and have drove myself crazy. It doesn't seem like anyone else has this issue! I can't be my monitor because when I put it on a PDF and send it to other computers the same problem of one border being darker than the other shows.


      I would greatly appreciate any feedback at all!






      P.S: This is my first time using a forum in my life...