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    ContextMenu And Tree Component

      Hey guys,

      I've been searching on the web and through multiple forums, but this topic seems to get little or no responses. The desire for many is to be able to enable a context menu for individual nodes on the tree component.

      Now I know it's possible because Drumbeat figured out how to do it, but it doesn't appear anyone else has. My best guess is using custom cell renderers, but all my tests so far have left me scratching my head. I'm very familar with using cell renderers. I can get my context menus to show up on regular objects, and also nested objects, just not the tree nodes.

      I'm really stumped here and was hoping someone would open up to a possible solution. I know it would be well appreciated by myself, but also the Flash community in general. I'm publishing for player 8 and higher. Thanks for any help.