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    How do I close a full screen web overlay?

    Matt Gerard

      I have an ibook that I am converting to a folio. Inside the ibook, there are 4 HTML widgets that are basically just PDF and single slide PDF Libraries. Click a button, the widget opens full screen and presents the users with 2 dozen PDFs that they can click on, read, and close to go back to the ibook.


      These are built as HTML widgets. Right now I can get the widget to show up and function within DPS using a blank frame and assigning the Web content overlay to it, link to the index.html file and it launches and functions properly.


      Here is the catch. In iBooks it automatically provides a close button in the upper right to exit the HTML widget. DPS InDesign does not. So right now, the only way to exit the widget is to swipe to a different page and swipe back.


      I have tried creating a button that resides in an MSO with the content overlay frame. the web content overlay is triggered with a button on the page, set to go to state in the MSO. But, it seems that the Web content overlay sits on top of the close button that I created, and therefor can't click on it. Ive used this trick in my hotspot MSO's to go to a blank state in the MSO so the user can click on another hotspot button. But, it seems that the close button is hidden by the web overlay.


      I also tried to shrink the frame so the web content doesn't go full screen, and added a button outside the web content frame in the MSO so they can click on that to go to a blank state, but the HTML content won't honor the "Scale Content to Fit" tick box in the web content options panel.


      I'm trying to fix this from within InDesign without going into the HTML code itself to modify it. Mostly because I want to figure it out on my end and not have to go back to the web guy, but also because I only know enough about HTML and dreamweaver to be really dangerous.