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    Creating new forms

    Cindy Pao

      I have FormsCentral installed as a result of purchasing the Tech Comm Suite version 5.0. I have now lost LiveCycle Designer, which was in version 3.5 of the suite.


      How am I supposed to update forms created in LC now? Apparently, I'm not allowed to get a free copy of LC because I did not upgrade from version 4.0.


      I'm so annoyed I almost can't type this post.


      Further, I read that, should I create new forms in FormsCentral, I can't change the size of field that are "in the same column." Who came up with this stupid "feature"? I don't want them in the same column, then, but I bet you'll tell me next that I can't do it any other way inside FormsCentral.


      The advice I've seen so far is to create the form in a word processing program and then use Acrobat to make PDF forms out of them. I would have done that to start if I thought that the word processing program could give me as nice a form as I created in LC.


      What now?!